Being comfortable in front of the camera - Our 5 tips

If you have already been modelling for several years at Elite Model, you can skip this article and book your photo shoot here!

On the other hand, if like 90% of our customers who have never posed before, you are not comfortable in front of the camera and your EVER photo shoot is fast approaching, then you are in the right place :)

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Tip 1: Understand the role of the photographer

There are two types of photographers, just like cops: the good one and the bad one. At EVER, we have no choice but to offer you the best photographers, because you choose the photos you like.

By the way, what makes a good photographer?

He has two qualities that your best friend Ben and his canon 600D will never have:
- people skills: at EVER, there are as many male photographers as female, but as they are all professionals, your photographer will be able to make you feel comfortable and to correct your postures:"Stand up slightly straight","Loose your arm a little...","Look at the camera! Look away!", "Make love to the camera", etc. It is up to you to apply his/her advice for natural photos and various poses.
- a sharp eye: he/she sees what the man on the street doesn't see!

That brief moment when you sneered or when you tucked that flyaway lock behind your ear? Thanks to his/her photographer's superpowers, the right moment that will make a difference is already captured."

Tip 2: keep calm and be zen

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A tip everybody says all the time? That's a nay-say!
What does it mean to relax?
First of all, it means not to get tense:
- don't force a smile, anyone can detect it,
- don't try to pose in a way you wouldn't even do in your yoga class,
- ignore those who can look at you on the street, enjoy the moment.

A tip: take breaks! Do you feel the tension coming? Don't panic, close your eyes, relax all the muscles of your face and body. Take a deep breath and let's go again!

Focus on how you feel, not what people will think of you:
- you're wearing the clothes you love, you've prepared for the photo shoot,
- the weather is fine, it's the weekend and you'll have a story to tell your colleagues on Monday,
- you are in a beautiful setting under a professional's guidance for an hour.

In short, it's time to let go and gain self-confidence!

Note that it is perfectly normal to be a little tense the first fifteen minutes, especially if you have never posed. It's also normal to feel like an experienced model on the last 15 minutes ;)

Tip 3: Think about an emotion

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When it comes to photography, it's impossible to cheat. The emotion we want to convey must not be faked: you want a picture of yourself with a real smile, so think of something that fills you with joy: the last episode of Game of Thrones, your boyfriend / girlfriend or a particularly funny moment in your life.

The same goes for more nostalgic, sad or "self-confident" attitudes, it works just the same.

A cultural break with a quote from Leonardo da Vinci: "Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail".

A facial expression or a body posture is only a matter of details: a less pronounced smile, the eyes slightly more open, a more upright posture, etc. Test postures and expressions, your photographer will be there to correct you if necessary.

A tip: practice in front of your mirror!

Tip 4: It's all in the eye

Focus on a point (1).png

Your eyes can say as much as your whole body (a quote that is not from Leonardo da Vinci).

Facing the camera, alternate between:
- fixing your photographer's camera and fully accept it
- totally ignoring your photographer's camera and... fully accept it

As you have understood, there is no half measure, both choices give unique photos: self-confident and rebellious in the first case, natural in the second.

Tip on the look: if you don't want to look at the photographer for a more natural look, it is important to really stare at a point on the horizon and think about what you are looking at.

Otherwise, your gaze may seem a bit blank.

Tip 5: Don't take yourself (too) seriously

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A photo shoot is above all a fun moment! Once you have passed the initial apprehension, you will feel more and more confident as the photo shoot goes on.

First case: you do a group photo shoot. Nothing could be easier! Talk with each other, joke, boast, insult...(oops!), have fun as a couple or a group of friends would! Leave it to your photographer to capture the best moments.

It is also useful to encourage each other, this is the perfect occasion! There is no excuse not to book your session.

Second case: you are alone with your photographer. Don't panic: follow his/her advice, follow our tips above and interact with him/her. As the session progresses, a complicity will appear between you two.

A solo photo shoot guarantees you to gain self-confidence during the session and afterwards, by showing the best of yourself to your loved ones.You want to help your friends who look stiff in their pictures? Help them by sharing this article ;)

Like our clients, stand out and do an outdoor photo shoot!