A wet photo shoot is a lucky photo shoot!

We're used to it.

At EVER, we think that to have natural photos, the photo shoot must take place outside! So obviously it can't be sunny all year round, especially in Paris.
Our photographers are therefore used to shooting in the rain, whether during the session or when retouching your photos.

The umbrella!

As regard to clothing, don't hesitate to read our article "Winter Photo Shoot: what should I wear?".
As you can imagine, the secret weapon is the umbrella! Remember to bring your most beautiful umbrella. And the more coloured it is, the more original your photos will be!

Your photographer will always favour covered passageways: from the Palais Royal to the Parisian galleries or the arcades of the Louvre, you will have a large choice for quaint and picturesque settings.


Your portraits will be very bright

All our photographers' photos are retouched, so don't worry. Touch-ups make the image brighter and bring lightness.
You can't see the rain in the pictures anyway. As for the heavy skies, the clouds filter the light, which is therefore much softer than in midsummer.
The rendering is neither better nor worse than a sunny day, it is simply different :)Like our clients, stand out and do an outdoor photo shoot!

Like our clients, stand out and do an outdoor photo shoot!